microneedling therapy

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Treatment of coarse and irregular skin structure

At Doctors at Soap, microneedling therapy for skin improvement is performed using the latest technology, the Dermapen 4. During the microneedling treatment, the Dermapen uses small needles to make tiny perforations in the skin. This ensures that collagen and elastin are stimulated, which prevents a coarse skin structure and actually strengthens the skin. Dull skin makes way for radiant skin! This is just one of the many benefits of this treatment: your skin condition is optimized, pores are refined, blemishes and (acne) scars are reduced and it will fade fine lines. In addition, products will be better absorbed due to increased blood circulation in the skin.

Dermapen4 can be used on all skin types and for various indications such as: sagging skin, large pores, skin aging, dull skin color, acne (residual scars), scars due to trauma, pigment disorder. This treatment is ideal for combining with other treatments from Doctors at Soap & Soap Treatment Store.

The result is visible after one treatment, you will see that your skin has improved considerably. The number of treatments depends on your skin condition and the desired results.