soap foundation

soap foundation

what is the soap foundation?

SOAP FOUNDATION is a heart-warming initiative by Soap Treatment store & Doctors at Soap and stands for making beauty products accessible to everyone. Under the guise “Beauty should not be a luxury”, we have been collecting unused beauty products since April 2018, which we donated to women, men and children in vulnerable situations. We see it as our mission to ensure that beauty is accessible to everyone. Having beauty products within reach every day is not the most normal thing in the world for everyone. While a shower with a nice lotion or a moment for yourself with a facial mask can give you such a boost.

Beauty is a form of luxury, and of course not a basic necessity, such as a roof over your head or a safe living environment. But... coming out of the shower with a wonderful scent or relaxing with a body oil, or going to bed with a freshly cleansed face - isn't that what you wish for everyone? There are currently thousands of women, men and children in shelters throughout the Netherlands. Precisely for this reason we believe that everyone has the right to use beauty products, and we are committed to that!

what do we ask from you?

We really need your help to make our mission come true! Collect all your (unused) beauty products and then hand them in at one of our locations or send them to us by post. We then ensure that your collected products are given a new life at various shelters and agencies throughout the Netherlands. Everything is more than welcome. In addition to perfume, creams, hair products and make-up, beauty products such as samples are more than welcome. Have you already used something once? Even then (provided it is hygienically packaged) we can perhaps delight someone else. Our boxes are ready for you.

Do you have questions, comments, a large donation or an idea for a collaboration? We would love it if you reach out! Email us: .