7 Chinese plants eye contour ointment

15 ml

“A remarkable 3 in 1 concentration of active ingredients to act on eye contour dehydration lines, puffiness and dark shadows”

2 Patented Active Ingredients

Inspired by Wu Zetian Beauty Rituals and the Traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Cinq Mondes Laboratories have developed the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment. It contains:
- 7 Chinese plants 
- Imperata Cylindrica – patented active ingredient
- Avena Sativa® - patented active ingredient
- Caffeine and Natural Mother-of-Pearl

Proven results after 56 days’ use:
28% reduction in puffiness
26% reduction in dark circles
21% reduction in lines
Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
Tested under ophthalmological control
** efficacy test on crow’s feet, eye puffiness and dark shadows carried out on 23 people by an independent laboratory


Warm your hands and place your fingertips on the recommended points. With your elbows on the table, rest your head in your hands. Remain in this position and breathe 3 times while applying pressure with your fingertips. V1: Draining effect, decongests the eyes' contour area E2: Drains the eye contour area VB 1: Relieves headaches and calms the mind


7 Chinese plants eye contour ointment
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