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Detox tea

125 gr.

Omschrijving artikle

Blend of Maté, chinese Green Tea and lemon grass full flavored with lemon.
The combination of Maté and green tea virtues -- diuretic and stimulating properties, richness in antioxidant -- makes Kusmi Detox the perfect companion for slimming and detoxifying diets. Known for its tonic properties, mate does not have the side effects generated by caffeine.
Origin: China and Brazil
Main flavor: citrus 
Time of day:  all day 
Ideal water temperature:  85°C - 90°C 
Quantity needed:  3g 
Brewing time:3-4 min
 Chinese green tea, maté and lemon grass full flavored with lemon


Delicious plain or sweetened


Kusmi Tea detox
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